New Year – New You. In 2019, Be a One Percenter

01/30/2019 06:52 PM Comment(s) By Brigid Clair Obetz

January is always a time for resolutions and committing to change.  Here’s the thing, though… giant change pledges are great to think about, but REALLY difficult to maintain.  As in…really hard to adhere to over time.  And sliding out of a resolution – especially a big one that feels overwhelming – can wind up being a relief.  If that commitment hangs over your head, dangling like the sword of Damocles…you’re unlikely to adhere to it. 

Try Something Smaller Instead

Rather than jumping out of a helicopter into the ocean in stormy weather, maybe try making change on a smaller, more sustainable scale.  Specifically, instead of trying to make a 100% improvement on every front, target making a 1% change for the better monthly.  1% a month doesn’t feel daunting – it feels downright… do-able. 

Just…Do the Math

If you run the numbers…you wind up in a better place, with more confidence in your ability to maintain the change for the better.  Specifically, over the course of a year…you’ve made a better than 10% improvement.  And it’s done 1% (an achievable 1%) at a time, rather than grandiose commitments that can lead to double digit improvements within a month.

A Goal Without a Plan – Is Just a Dream

Whether you want to lose weight, increase your client base, grow your income, lower your debt, or anything else, if you just think about it without taking steps toward achieving your outcome – why, you’re the very definition of a dreamer.  And your goal will always remain ahead of you – never moving closer, never within your grasp.  But if you can achieve 1% movement toward it a month…you will have reduced the gap noticeably at the end of the year. 

Make a Plan!

The sooner you map a path to the outcome you want…the sooner you start moving closer to your desired outcome.  The gentler the incline you need to climb as you follow that map, the easier it is to get to your destination. 

Plan by the Numbers...
The best plans are built on and driven by the numbers.  Many small business owners don't realize that they already have the data they need to make data-driven decisions.  If you're a small business have the information you need.  Let us help you unlock your company's potential by using the information you already have.  Contact us for a FREE consultation...let's see the growth we can achieve together.

A Word of Caution – Expect Setbacks Now and Then

Not every day is perfect, and once in a while, you may slip.  This is the beauty of a 1% plan over a year – if you have a setback one month, you can still achieve that 10% improvement.  Even if it happens twice in a year, you can still hit that 10% mark.  But you need to start now, and commit to getting 10% closer to your mark than you are today. 

BONUS:  Here’s A Tool to Make the Plan Quickly and Easily

If you want an easy-to-use planning tool that you can access online and from your phone, visit  Trello is an easy-to-use planning tool that lets you create steps to achieve your goal.  You can even download the Trello app from your app store, and easily update your progress wherever you are.  Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy.  Trello is intuitive, and you can plan your path to success easily with it. 

And in the interest of transparency, no...I don't work for Trello.  I don't have any financial interest in Trello.  I just like to use it, and I think you might like it, too.

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