• Big Data for Your Small Business

    You know your business.  We know data.  Together, we can read the business story your data is telling you, and write a happy ending.

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  • Shhhhhhhh.  Your company data wants you to listen.

    We help you understand what your data is telling you - and work with you to design the right response.  
    When your data talks...  you need to listen.

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    Because we succeed...when you succeed

    Let us help your business achieve new heights.

    Call us today:  609-760-6941

    Email us: info@dataqsolutions.com

What we do...

Every business needs to understand their in-house data.  We interpret your current data, and design ways to gather more.  We help you understand what you have...and identify what you need.  We can get your data in one place in a format you understand.  Then we visualize your data so you can:

  • Spot developing trends and make the most of them.
  • Uncover new opportunities so you can land the business.
  • Forecast needs accurately to help you plan for future business.

Who we are...

Our team boasts more than fifty years of combined business experience, spanning global Fortune 500 corporations, mid-size companies, and small businesses.  No matter the organization size - we've been there.  

If you run a small company, we can help you grow to the next level.  If you hail from an organization that's maturing, we can help you streamline your processes and enhance your delivery techniques.  And if you are part of a large organization, we can design tools to optimize your program delivery, business as usual, and everything in between.

Contact us when you need...

ORGANIZED INFORMATION:  Why search for your data through several locations with conflicting content - or contradictory content?  We let you look at a single source of truth.

MORE TIME: You want to spend more time working...and less time on administration.  A simple system lets you spend your time in the field where you are most valuable to your business.

SIMPLE DASHBOARDS: You need to make business and financial decisions based on your business information: we make it easy to interpret your data so you can make great business decisions.

How we work with you...

We meet with you to understand your perspective on your business; after all, you know its strengths and challenges better than anyone else.  We organize your data into one repository, and then look at it many different ways.  

Once we agree on what you need, how you want it delivered and the cadence (A weekly dashboard?  A monthly view?) we begin the process to design and deliver your data in a regular, easy-to-understand format.  That's all there is to it.